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Interview with New York based Indian model Krithika Reddy
Krithika Reddy is an International Model, women's health and environmental activist, holistic health and clean skincare blogger, and also a student of herbalism
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Interview with Paris based Indian model Priya Sharma 
Priya Sharma is a runway and editorial model based out of Paris, France. Originally from Jaipur Priya had done a little bit of modelling in India before moving to France
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Interview with Mumbai based model and blogger Sagar Kava  
Sagar Kava is a freelance model and a fashion blogger based out of Mumbai, India.  
After getting a taste of modelling in his college days where he won the first runner up title in the collage fashion pageant, Sagar decided to go pro and since had regularly...
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Interview with Mumbai Based Model Richa Jha Who Hails from Madhubani, Bihar 
Richa Jha is an Indian model based in Mumbai, India. She was just 12 when she dabbled in modeling, participating in school fashion events piqued her interest in the...
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Interview with runway and fashion model Suru Maria
Suru Maria is an acclaimed fashion model based out of Hong Kong. With her dazzling ramp walks and hypnotic photoshoots Suru Maria had created a space for herself in the Hong Kong and Indian fashion scene.
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Interview with International fashion model Iryana Oborina
Iryana Oborina is an International fashion model currently in New Delhi, India. Iryana was scouted by a prominent agency in Ukraine and since has been travelling around..
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Interview With Mumbai Based Fashion Model Kinjal Goyal 
Mumbai based model Kinjal Goyal believes in uniqueness and the moment the camera turns on she is there to give that unique and perfect shot.
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Interview with Simran Gupta Mumbai Based Model and Actress
Modeling seems easy, as for audience it’s just to be presentable, but it’s not at all the case, it is really difficult and requires lots of hard work. A person with dedication and motivation can make their way to modeling. Simran Gupta is the one, who is living her childhood dream of being a model and an actress. 
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Fashion Interview with model Mona Jain
Interview with Chennai based model Mona Jain
Mona Jain is a fashion model based out of Chennai, India. A certified dietitian and nutrition consultant, Mona took on modeling professionally in 2017.
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Interview with Hong Kong based Indian model Zahra Sheikh
Zahra Sheikh is a fashion model and an actress based out of Hong Kong. Zahra hails from Mumbai and modeled in Hong Kong before moving to London to study for her Bachelor's Degree in Drama & Performance.
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Fashion Photographer Interview
Interview with Hong Kong based fashion Photographer Aanchal Wadhwani 
Hong Kong based fashion photographer Aanchal Wadhwani got enamored by photography at the age of 16, while she was working on her jewelry line and bought....
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Model Interview
Interview with Indian model Anisha Sahai
Anisha Sahai is an Indian fashion model who started out working as an engineer. Not satisfied by the 9 to 5 lifestyle the unquestionable beauty took the decision to follow her lifelong passion of becoming a model.
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Fashion Model Interview
Interview with Mumbai based fashion model Nibedita Saikia
Gorgeous and intelligent Nibedita Saikia from Tezpur, Assam is a fashion model based out of Mumbai.
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Fashion photography interview
Interview with Mumbai based fashion photographer Kaifi Chouhan
Fashion, celebrity and advertising photographer by profession, Kaifi Chouhan has a clear vision that helps him to achieve what he wants during the shoot. His vision is to capture the…..
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Ish Thakkar model interview
An Interview with Actor Ish Thakkar
Ish Thakkar is an Indian actor, model, and a dubbing artist based out of Mumbai.
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Interview Sheena Pradhan
Interview with New York based Indian model Sheena Pradhan
Sheena Pradhan is a fashion model, nutritionist and a writer based out of New York City, United States. At the age of 24 Sheena participated in her first beauty Pageant Miss New Jersey USA and in 2015 was crowned Miss East Coast U.S.
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Interview with Dutch Fashion Model Cherity Bhagoe
Cherity Bhagoe is a freelance fashion model based out of Enschede, Netherlands. At the age of 17 Cherity participated in her first beauty pageant and since has been...
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Simarjeet Nagra Actor and model
Interview with Actor and Model Simarjeet Nagra
Simarjeet Nagra is an actor and a model based out Mumbai, India. Simarjeet a graduate in civil engineering moved to Mumbai a few years back to pursue his passion for acting and since has worked on a number of television commercials...
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Model Aneesha Joshi Interview
Exclusive Interview with Aneesha Joshi Film Actress and Model
Aneesha Joshi is a model, actress and a trained Kuchipudi dancer currently based out of Mumbai. She has worked in a number of TVCs for brands such as….
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Perrie Kapernaros international fashion model Mumbai, India
Interview with Perrie Kapernaros International Fashion Model
Perrie Kapernaros is an international fashion model and actress currently in Mumbai, India. Perrie Started modelling in her late teens and in 2013 she was a finalist in Miss International Australia. Having modeled in Australia and Asia Perrie has...
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Priya Binion
Interview with Fitness Model Priya Binion
Priya Binion is a fitness model and trainer based in Houston, United States. A former competitive gymnast she started weight training at the age of seventeen and for the past twelve years has been working as a professional trainer.
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Sheena Lakhani
Exclusive Interview with Actress, Model & Dancer Sheena Lakhani
Born in Canada Sheena Lakhani moved to The United Stated at the age of five where she started training in various dance forms like ballet and jazz. Soon she was competing in local and state level dance competitions.
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Milica Djordjevic
Our Interview with International Model Milica Djordjevic
Milica Djordjevic is a Serbian fashion model and musician currently based out of Mumbai, India. Gorgeous Milica made her modeling debut by participating in the Serbian Top Model in 2011 and since has been busy doing some..
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Virali Modi
An Interview with Model Virali Modi
It all started for Virali when at the age of 14 she approached a model in a mall, who was promoting a modeling school. Modeling and acting became a passion of..
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Prema Mehta
Interview with Fashion Model Prema Metha
Prema Metha is a stunning model and actress based out of Mumbai. She has shot for a large number of print campaigns and has also appeared in a handful of popular television series….
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Nathasha Mogorosi
Interview with South African Model Nathasha Mogorosi
Gorgeous South African model Nathasha Mogorosi has been on the modeling scene for the past 3 years. With a combination of beauty, brains and a hunger to make a difference….
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Chaitanya Shete
Interview with Fashion Photographer Chaitanya Shete
Chaitanya Shete is a Pune based fashion and commercial photographer. We recently spoke to Chaitanya about his approach to photography.
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Janita Jana
Rameet Kaur
Meet Punjabi Hip Hop’s Stunning Prodigy, Rameet Kaur
Rameet Kaur is a singer, models and a trained actor. A raising name in the UK Punjabi Hip Hop scene Rameet has been performing since
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Photographer Narendra Ballar
Interview with Fashion Photographer Narendra Ballar
Photographer Narendra Ballar has been a part of the photography scene for a while and has created quite a resume for himself. Conveying a sense of exotic elegance his photographs...
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Indian model and actress Priyanka Jaidka
We Spoke with Model and Actress Priyanka Jaidka
Priyanka Jaidka is a freelance model and actress based out of Bangalore. Priyanka started her modeling career by participating in Bangalore based beauty pageants and….
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