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Interview with new york based Indian fashion model Krithika Reddy

Interview with New York based Indian fashion model Krithika Reddy

By India Models 20/05/2020 

Black & White portrait of Indian American Model Krithika Reddy
Krithika Reddy is an International Model, women's health and environmental activist, holistic health and clean skincare blogger, and also a student of herbalism. She was born in Hyderabad, India and grew up in the United States between Atlanta and Houston.

Her career goal is to become an influential model and use her platform to help change the world. When I'm not modeling, I'm working on social change through projects, partnerships with non-profit organizations & ethical brands. She also creates content on living a holistic lifestyle.

Krithika's energy and whimsical spirit makes her stand out, she truly loves what she does wholeheartedly, every part of it!

IM: What was a major turning point in your life as a model?
Krithika: As a model, a major turning point in my life was when I began getting booked for jobs based on who I am as an individual and what I stand for. It began with getting booked for Vogue Italia partly for my endometriosis advocacy, and then escalated to working with brands due to my environmental advocacy.

IM: Were you intimidated initially, when you first found yourself in this industry?
Krithika: I wasn't intimidated per se, but there are intimidating aspects of the insane competition in the industry. Modeling feels instinctual to me, I felt at home since the first time I posed in front of a camera. Breaking into the industry, however, was intimidating in that it takes a lot of hard work and some luck for brands to begin noticing your unique brand and differentiating you from the thousands of other faces they can potentially decide to work with instead.

International fashion model Krithika Reddy Interview
International fashion model Krithika Reddy portrait

IM: What makes you unique and stand out as a model?
Krithika: I think that my goal of using my platform to activate social change makes me stand out in a sense. I have sometimes been booked, and sometimes rejected, because of my mission. For example, I don't wear fur, and sometimes that makes me lose a job, but that's okay because I am a firm believer in practicing what I preach and no success is worth compromising my values.

IM: What's been your favorite modeling moment so far?
Krithika: Hmm that's tough to decide because I have so many, I love most moments as a model.The most fulfilling moment was viewing my Vogue India issue with my family. Modeling isn't the most respected profession where I come from, but seeing my family smiling and proud made me feel at peace. I also felt excited and grateful to be a face of India's biggest fashion publication because it's a huge step towards helping change the widespread inequality (colorism, sexism, casteism etc.) that I am working towards in the Indian community.

IM: And what is your favorite part about what you do?
Krithika: My favorite part about what I do is working on camera but also the exciting lifestyle that comes with modeling - traveling, meeting cool and talented individuals on a daily basis, making art with them, the fashion, getting to experiment with cool health and beauty treatments, and still being able to simultaneously advocate for what I believe in.

Fashion photography with New York model Krithika Reddy

IM: Can you please share with us how have you used your success to bring goodness to the world?
Krithika: My goal itself in becoming a model is to use my success to bring goodness to the world in regards to environmental, women's health, human rights, animal rights, colorism, and other causes. I see modeling not only as a fun part of the fashion industry but also as an opportunity to influence positivity.

I use my platform to work on causes I care about, including working with brands and nonprofits. For example, I'm hosting the YouTube channel for a nonprofit service organization about my two greatest passions - holistic health and environmental awareness.

I strive to work with ethical brands. With my biggest goal being to help save the world from environmental collapse, I have worked with sustainable brands like Stella McCartney to help bring the message to the surface.

I am so happy doing beauty campaigns because my color and background haven't always been seen in a positive light by millions of people throughout history, and I love changing that standard of beauty because I think that every color, and being, deserves equal treatment.

IM: Have you learned any beauty and fitness tips backstage?
Krithika: Oh yeah, tons! I'm lucky to get to work with exceptionally talented people, and I learn various things from everyone. I find myself paying close attention to the makeup artists working and ask questions to broaden my knowledge. Before I became a model, I only used lipstick...I didn't even own a foundation or concealer. I wasn't really into beauty until I became a beauty model, which actually happened immediately upon entering the industry - my first job was with Dior Makeup and I've done many beauty jobs since. I love learning from makeup artists on set - one of the coolest things I've learned is how to effectively curl my lashes, which is a process that most people struggle with because they're so long and straight. So now, I sometimes end up teaching make-up artists how to work with my lashes.

IM: What you do to practice more self-care?
Krithika: I live a holistic lifestyle and am an avid believer of self-care being essential to our physical, mental health, and spiritual health. I practice breathing, meditation, yoga, clean skincare, clean diet and cooking, herbalism, just the right amount of socialization and social media, positive thinking, time in nature, gardening, 8 plus hours of sleep, time to myself, cutting out toxicity and circulating good energy within and around me, caring for other beings - plants, animals, and people - and not caring so much for materialistic things, striking a balance between being of service to others and to myself, enjoying and appreciating even the unappealing parts of my day, living my dream life, I could go on and on.

IM: Your favorite cheat meal?
Krithika: Right now, anything with bananas and pure maple syrup. I make flourless banana pancakes, muffins, cakes, etc. with just 2-3 ingredients. I eat very little sugar, carbs, and processed foods to manage my PCOS and endometriosis, so I consider this "cheating" and so deliciously worth it - especially because they have health benefits as well.

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