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Dutch fashion model Cherity Bhagoe Interview

Interview with Dutch Fashion Model Cherity Bhagoe

By India Models  12/10/16

Photograph of Dutch model of Indian origins Interview with Dutch Fashion Model Cherity Bhagoe
Photograph by Sano Wahyudi Photography
Cherity Bhagoe is a freelance fashion model based out of Enschede, Netherlands.  At the age of 17 Cherity participated in her first beauty pageant and since has been a part of a number of pageants. In 2015 Cherity was the first runner up at the Raina Miss India Intercontinental held in Costa Rica and earlier this year she was named Miss Charity at the Miss Indian Beauty The Netherlands 2016.

IM: What was the influence behind you wanting to join the modeling world?
Cherity: When I was 16 I started working backstage for fashion shows and photoshoots. Every time I saw all the gorgeous models doing their thing I thought to myself I want to do the same thing! Then my mom entered a beauty pageant. When I saw how much fun she had on stage, it gave me the courage to also enter a beauty pageant. After that the modeling came by itself.

IM:And where you always fashion conscious while growing up?
Cherity: Funny question. While growing up my mom sometimes went crazy because of me! I had to dress up 4 times a day, and I wanted different braids / pony tails all day. My mom is a hairdresser, I loved it when she did my hair. I even woke up earlier just so that she could braid my hair. When it was picture day on school I always told my classmates: ‘A hairdresser did my hair!’

IM: What is the one moment of your career that you are the most proud of?
Cherity: The moment that I am most proud of, is the time I got to walk a 30 meter long catwalk for the Royal Family of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. This happened at the 200-years Kingdom celebration in 2014. National director Miss Netherlands Universe / World, Kim Kötter, asked me to walk along with ex-miss Netherlands title holders or finalists. I talked about this for weeks! I was so nervous yet very excited to walk for the royal family. At the end of the catwalk, where you stand directly in front of our Dutch King and Queen, they gave us an approving look. Only 3 rows behind the royal family were my parents. All this, are once in a lifetime opportunities!
Cherity Bhagoe Dutch Indian model Interview
Photograph by Willem van Walderveen
IM: Can you describe what it feels like when you are on the pageant stage?
Cherity: That’s a difficult question. When I’m on stage, I totally forget about anything else. I focus on myself, the judges and the audience. That is the only things that matter while on stage. I get to walk in the most amazing evening gowns and traditional wear. I have worn dresses from designers all over the world, it’s a princess feeling!

IM: What is the most valuable lesson you have learn by participating in pageants?
Cherity: The most valuable lesson is to always be yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. Never imitate anyone. It’s very important to always be humble about your achievements and never forget who helped you get where you are today!

IM: Are there any fashion models that you look up to?
Cherity: I look up to Aishwarya Rai. Not just because she is a gorgeous woman and made India proud as Miss World 1994. She does a lot of charity work. At the 2014 edition of Miss World she got a price for all her charitable work since being crowned Miss World. My parents always taught me that if you can help, you should help! I have a tip jar at work and all the tips go directly to Free A Girl. They help rescue young girls and women in forced prostitution all over the world.

IM: Favorite designers?
Cherity: Since I went to Costa Rica to represent India I have been modeling for Dutch Indian fashion company named Muskurata Fashion. Muskurata Fashion is owned by Satish & Harpreet. Their clothing and jewellery are affordable for everybody and they are always up to date on the latest trends in fashion. They are absolutely my number one in the Indian industry! For Western clothing I love to wear Guess. Their dresses and skirts are form fitting, timeless and chique. Next to their amazing clothing Guess also has the perfect bag to match every outfit!

IM: Can you describe your ritual for staying in shape?
Cherity: In this industry it is very important to be in good shape at all times. I go to the gym at least 4 to 5 times a week. Together with my trainers we work on staying in shape. This we do by kickboxing, weight lifting and cardio. My family always thought that kickboxing was for men only until they saw what a small waist I got from it. It’s a full body workout. Next to working out a lot it is very important to eat healthy, for body and skin! One cheat day every 2 weeks is okay!

IM: Any beauty secrets that you would like to share with the readers?
Cherity: I get a lot of compliments on my hair. People always say that it’s so shiny. For that I only got one secret that a lot of Bollywood stars use. Always wash your hair with lukewarm water. After washing with shampoo, squeeze all the water out your hair to apply the conditioner. This you also rinse with lukewarm water. Again, squeeze the water out your hair and put some coldwater over your whole hair. This gives my hair so much shine, that I don’t even have to use any oil! It gives me a healthy and very shiny look.

IM: Three things in your closet that define your style?
Cherity: You can describe my style as Comfortable and trendy. I’m addicted to buying shoes in all different colors. It’s easy to match because I wear almost only black clothes. The top 3 things in my closet are: my soft pink Nike Huarache, a high wasted midi-skirt, and not to forget a perfect skinny jean by Levi’s.

IM: If you could bring back fashion from a specific era, what time and place would you choose?
Cherity: ‘90s on the red carpet definitely!! You can see a lot of the ‘90s in today’s street style. In the ‘90s women started wearing two-piece outfits, the chocker necklaces, braids and lots of lace! Besides the fashion I’m obsessed with deep berry lipstick, deep berry lips were a ‘90s beauty staple.

IM: Finally what are your plans for the future?
Cherity: Unfortunately I can’t tell you everything yet but I have some very exciting national and international projects coming up. If it’s all set, you guys will be the first to know! For now I can only hope for the best and focus on the future only!
Model Cherity Bhagoe photographed in Indian Ethnic wear
Photograph by Doubleshot Photography
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