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Interview with Fashion Photographer Alex Felez Buchholz
By IM Staff

Delhi based fashion and portrait photographer Alex Felez Buchholz
Alex Felez Buchholz is a prominent fashion and portrait photographer based out of Delhi, India. Alex is a co-founder of LF Photo Agency which operates in Spain and India. We recently had the opportunity to interview Alex on the art and process of photography.

IM: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into photography?
Alex: I was born in Mexico half a century ago, but lived my entire life in Barcelona. I could consider myself as a real cosmopolitan man with a mix of Mexican, Spanish and German. My passion for photography was born over 30 years ago. But my first steps were purely experimental, playing around with perspectives on try and error basis. Probably my German part was responsible at that point to have the desire to understand what I was doing and why thing happened the way they did. So I learned everything by reading photography literature, analyzing pictures and trying to emulate them. Since that beginning I dedicated mainly my amateur photographic activity to nature, landscape and wildlife, this last one already from a more portrait perspective.

IM: You started off as a wildlife photographer how was your transition into fashion photography?
Alex: It was years later after meeting Pere Larrègula, a great teacher, better photographer and a friend, that I discovered the “human” portrait and fashion photography, through the real beauty of light-shaping and its great creative possibilities. Since that moment I wanted to get deeper and deeper into the portraits trying to work as much as possible with artists, actors and dancer. This fascination for body language and expression we finally translated into our fashion photography, making our pictures different in that sense. In this sense I would consider it more an evolution rather than a transition.
IM: And what would you say is the fundamental difference between the two?
Alex: In my opinion there is a common basis to any kind of photography, which is the understanding of the light, weather natural one or artificial one. Wildlife photography brings you the beauty of the unknown and of the unpredictable, but as in portrait photography you want to catch emotions. You just have to wait for them. Portrait photography allows one to play with emotion, express feelings and get into the soul of a person. And emotions and feelings is what makes fashion photographs get alive.so everything is liked and builds up to the final goal of telling something in the most natural way possible.
Fashion portrait of a male model by Alex Felez
IM: Do you have any themes that you like to revisit in your work?
Alex: Not really. I have experimented with nearly everything. Once you have the technique and understand the light, I consider it enriching to experiment and every time you try something different or new it is a whole new experience from which your work benefits.

IM: Do you have a favorite location where you like shooting?
Alex: Could not point out any specific one. I thing every fashion shoot need its own location. As we do a lot of street-style photography we always like to be as near to the life as possible. In India for example early this year 
we shot in Hauz Khas, Delhi for Spanish bag brand and in Goa for a swimsuit brand.
Outdoor fashion shoot in Delhi with an international model by Alex Felez
IM: Have you ever done a shoot that you hated?
Alex: lately not. Fortunately we reached a point where we can choose the works we do. But in the past, when we started our photo agency and studio in Barcelona
we covered catwalk events where we had less than 2 minutes to shoot the anchor international model for a specific fashion brands.

IM: do you feel that in recent years there have been any major changes
in the art of photography?
Probably people will hate me for saying this but I think that generally speaking internet has killed the need to understand the technique of photography. Nowadays everyone with a digital camera thinks he is a professional photographer, shoots wedding, makes portraits, catalogues,
etc. No need to light accurately or to expose properly. While these pictures
are being used for facebook or on a low res website there seems to be no real need of having a good technique. Problems happen once a client what’s to have a print out or a poster and suddenly the fabric has no texture, the picture is out of focus, etc. Having said that, there a hundreds of amazing photographer out there who are extremely talented and make astonishing pictures. In this sense
there has not been a change in the art of photography, as it’s unique to everyone
how you catch a moment. Digital photography has just given us the chance to be much more creative in this sense, at a lower cost.

IM: If you could photograph any historical figure, who would it be?
Alex: Never thought about that. There is so much beauty and so many moments
out there, there is no need to look back.

IM: What advice would you give to photographers that are just starting out?
Alex: Understand the principles of photography and of light. And then
practice, practice, practice.
Photoshoot with international fashion model By Alex Felez
Elegant fashion shoot by alex Felez
Portrait of a beautiful Internationl model By Alex Felez
Fashion photoshoot with a female fashion model by Alex Felez
Goergous fashion photography by Alex Felez
Portrait of a beautiful fashion model by photographer Alex Felez
Black and white Fashion photogaph by Alex Felez
Black and white fashion portrait of a male model by photographer Alex Felez
Indian fashion model photographed by delhi based photographer Alex Felez
Conceptual fashion photography by Alex Felez
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