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We Spoke With Model and Actress Priyanka Jaidka
By IM Staff

Bangalore based fasion model and actress Priyanka Jaidka
Priyanka Jaidka is a freelance model and actress based out of Bangalore. Priyanka started her modeling career by participating in Bangalore based beauty pageants and has gone on to work on a diverse array of print campaigns. The gorgeous green eyed model has walked the ramps for prominent fashion brands and has also appeared in television commercials for brands such as Myntra.com and Panasonic. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Priyanka about the model life.

IM: What first drew your interest to modeling?
Priyanka: Well a lot of my relatives are in the modeling and acting industry in Mumbai. Most importantly two of my cousins were in the glamour industry as I was growing up. First one is Sona Soi who was a top model in the 90s, She featured in a lot of print and television Ads. Second is Rahul Roy who is a famous actor and gained popularity and fame after his first movie “Aashiqui”. I looked up to the two of them as a kid and was very fascinated by the glamour industry and always dreamt of being famous like them

IM:  How would you define your personal style?
Priyanka: My personal style changes according to my mood and the occasion. One day it can be elegant and the next day it might be tomboyish but I always try to make sure that I never compromise on my comfort.

IM: What’s your beauty regime?
Priyanka: I don't have a beauty regime as such. Thanks to my parents that I have good skin, it’s in my genes. But I make sure I moisturize my skin with a cream which has SPF as well. The most important tip I would like to give would be to take off your make-up before going to sleep, no matter how tired you are! And also drink lots of water!
The beautiful Priyanka Jaidka is a model and actress based out in Bangalore, India
IM: You have been a part of few beauty pageants, what was that experience

Priyanka: In a beauty pageant a contestant is required to act and behave in a certain way. You have to sometimes be fake and very "prim & proper" because that's what they expect out of you. But it's thanks to pageants like these that I'm well groomed and know how to carry any outfit well and pose in front of the camera. They also teach you the right way of walking on the ramp.

IM: And can you describe what’s it like being on stage during a pageant?
Priyanka: Well, to be on stage during a pageant is nerve-racking! I would get very nervous initially because one mistake or fumble can make or break things for you since you're being judged every second you're on stage. All eyes are on you!
Beautiful model and actress Priyanka Jaidka
IM: You have also worked on both print and video assignments, which are
you more comfortable with?

Priyanka: I'm comfortable with both since I love posing and acting in front of the camera equally!

IM: How do you prepare for a shoot?
Priyanka: The most important thing for a model is to be well groomed before a shoot. Make sure your hair and skin are absolutely clean and your nails are manicured. On the sets I try to  get into the skin of the character which I have to portray and clarify all doubts I have in my mind before I face the camera.

IM: What have been your favorite assignments so far?
Priyanka: Well my most favorite assignment was my very first one for YLG Salons & Spa. I didn't know what to expect on the set. I was made to feel very comfortable by Rohit Manjrekar   of Unit1 Productions who had chosen me after auditioning hundreds of girls from Mumbai and Bangalore. He wanted someone who was beautiful even without make up and had good skin.    I shot for three days nonstop with just enough time to grab a nap at night but it was my best assignment so far because the whole unit treated me like a princess. My other favorite assignments have been for Myntra.com, V Guard, Panasonic and Bankbazaar.com.

Model Priyanka Jaidka featued in the Myntra.com Television Commercial
IM: Who have been your role models in the fashion Industry?
Priyanka: My role models while growing up were Indrani Dasgupta, Jesse Randhawa, Lisa Ray, Tyra Banks & Aishwarya Rai. Later once I joined the industry I started looking up to Deepika Padukone, Miranda Kerr & recently Gigi Hadid. I take something from each one of them whether it's their walk, elegance or style.

IM: Is there something you dislike about being a model?
Priyanka:  One thing I dislike about being a model is that people outside the industry think that models are dumb and only know how to look good with nothing beyond that! Also the fact that they think we don't follow a good lifestyle and have bad habits is something which angers me!

IM: What’s your opinion on the fashion and modeling scene in Bangalore?
Priyanka: The fashion and modeling industry has grown a lot in the past few years. After Mumbai, Bangalore is the next best city to start your career in modeling. But Bangalore still has a long way to go in terms of professionalism and also the remuneration paid to models.

IM:  So what are your planes for the future?
Priyanka:  Right now I'm just living in the moment and going with the flow. I believe in destiny and I'm sure God has some great plans for me. I would love to act in a good Bollywood movie with my favorite superstar Salman Khan! Hope that dream comes true someday.
Banglore based beautiful model Priyanka Jaidka wearing a floral dress
Gorgeous fashion model Priyanka Jaidka in a pink dress
Beautiful balngalore based model Priyanka Jaidka in ethnic wear
Hight: 5’7
City: Bengaluru

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