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Interview with Bihar born model Richa Jha

Interview with Mumbai Based Model

Richa Jha Who Hails from Madhubani, Bihar

By India Models 10/09/2019

Richa Jha fashion model interview | India models
Richa Jha is an Indian model based in Mumbai, India. She was just 12 when she dabbled in modeling, participating in school/college fashion events piqued her interest in the fashion industry. Her unrelenting passion for modeling makes her stand out from the crowd. She is also a content creator and a State Level Skater, who is currently planning to publish her research work online which talks about how beauty pageant aspirants are significantly helped by social media presence to promote their career.

The best thing about Richa is that you can see her untapping all her potential. In this interview, we caught up with the cultivated and slender beauty Richa Jha by email.

IM: What 4 words describe you?
Richa: Multipotentialite, perceptive, intuitive and personable.
IM: What are your hidden talents?
Richa:  I am a polyglot with an eidetic memory, also I can sing moderately well.
IM: Tell us about your education
Richa: I am a firm believer in post-secondary education, as it really helped me to dabble with different disciplines. I have a Master’s degree in Electronic Media from University of Mumbai, before that, my bachelor's degree was in Journalism and Mass Communication from Lovely Professional University.

IM: What is your greatest strength, as a model?
Richa: My greatest strength as a model would have to be my versatility. I enjoy doing lots of different things, it exposes me to a lot of new ideas and opportunities.
Richa Jha Mumbai model portfolio
IM: What is that one thing you wish to protect?
Richa: Disappearing languages! I think language holds the key to our history & it is important to keep them relevant. Personally, I make sure to speak in my native language- ‘’ Maithili’’ whenever it is needed. Speaking in the Maithili language makes me feel refreshed & it creates a visceral sense of homey feeling.
IM: Are you modeling full-time or are you balancing it with any other side gig?
Richa: At the moment, I am trying to balance modeling and content writing and enjoying the best of both worlds. I strongly believe having a side hustle is great, it allows me to pursue a passion that I don't get to explore much and allows me to network with people in a new career field.

IM: Share a piece of advice for aspiring models
Richa:  Don’t compromise your limits! No one can push you into things that you don’t want to do. As a model, I have my limits. If I don’t want to do bold shoots, I make it clear to tell them No! And a reasonable photographer is always fine with it.

IM: Is there anything that you do to kind of psych yourself up before a photoshoot?
Richa: I start by prioritizing positive thoughts! Also, I make sure to exercise in the form of Roller skating, it's easy on my body and a fun way to workout. If you're trying to psych yourself up before a photoshoot, go out to skate, it will help you feel pumped up.

IM: Today social media is a game-changer. Do you think it is helping you in your modeling career?
Yes, definitely! Social media is a very powerful tool that lets me connect & network with creative artists, it is helping me build my personal brand. I simply cannot underestimate the power of social media networks in elevating modeling career.

IM: How you handle negative comments on social media?
Richa: As a model, you are often under scrutiny and in a world of digital anyone can say anything. So, I keep in mind to let things go, make sure to respond calmly by defusing stress.
Richa Jha Mumbai Model Interview
IM: What’s invisible in the modeling industry but you wish people could see?
Richa:  The effort that goes behind every carefully cultivated look. Often lots of retouching, props, lighting equipment, and a whole glam team is involved to get that perfect looking shot. It takes time, planning, money, team to actually bring that impeccable look.

IM: What ridiculous stereotypes you get to hear as a model?

Richa: So many that need to go away, I am always surprised at how others react when I tell them that I've never smoked and tasted alcohol. People need to understand that modeling is a career choice, just like any other career, managing looking flawless despite having hectic weekends, casting calls is not an easy task.
IM: Is make-up a chore or delight?
Richa: For me, it' a bit of both. It is a chore for me when I feel lazy and delight for me when I feel artistic.

IM: Do you have any exciting projects lined up that you can tell us about?
Richa: You will know if anything rousing happens.
IM: Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are?
Richa: My family, close friends, and my tenacity are my rocks. I feel deeply grateful for everything they do for me.

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