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Interview with international fashion model Iryana Oborina | India Models

Interview with International fashion model Iryana Oborina

By India Models  20/07/2019

Interview with Ukrainian fashion model Iryana Oborina
Iryana Oborina is an International fashion model currently in New Delhi, India. Iryana was scouted by a prominent agency in Ukraine and since has been travelling around the world modelling for top brands and magazines. In this Interview we talk about how she was discovered, her work experience and more.

IM: How did you decide to become a model and what inspired you?
Iryana: Modelling was my target; all my life.  I had come to Kyiv, while walking in the central part of Kyiv a director of a modelling agency saw me and invited me to the agency because he believed that I can have a future as a model.
Agency recognized me as a fashion model. I have since done a lot of fashion shows and shoots. I have a modelling experience of 10 years and have worked in countries like Turkey, China, Ukraine, Spain, Russia, India, Poland. Most of all I   like to work in China
IM: You are currently in Delhi. What's it like working and living in Delhi as a model?
Iryana: This is the third time I have come to Delhi. Initially it was hard because of the weather but I got used to it, now I am okay. Best of all here I like to take part in fashion shows I can recognize it as my passion.
International model fashion portrait

IM: How would you describe your personal style?
Iryana: About style everything is easy. I travel a lot, most of the time I am at castings or on the way. So, I choose comfortable clothes and slim types of clothes. My wardrobe full of black and white dresses.

IM: What would you recommend for a quick workout?
Iryana: I would recommend you do yoga, it's really nice and walking and running a lot.

IM: How do you usually groom and maintain your skin and hair before the shoots?
Iryana: My advice is easy but works, when I am not working, I give my skin and hair rest, I don't use any cosmetics.

IM: What do you enjoy most of the modeling?
Iryana: On modelling I like that I can be different and try a lot of looks. And most of all I like editorial shoots. It's my space to show all my senses, my acting quantities, my expressions.

IM: Finally, what piece of advice will you give someone who is planning to start a career in modelling?
Iryana: My advice for everyone who want be a model, if u have a dream choose the way of the model life and be brave on the way.

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