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Interview with Fashion Photographer Joshua Enochs

By IM Staff

Mumbai based fashion photographer Joshua Enochs
Joshua Enochs is a fashion and commercial photographer based out of Mumbai, India. We recently had the opportunity to interview the upcoming photographer on his work, inspirations and goals.

IM: Can you tell us a bit about your training as a photographer?
Joshua: I started working in this field about 4 years ago when I was assisting Mr Sahil Mane. He has taught me the basics of photography and also helped me improve my techniques. After that, I did a course in photography from the prestigious ‘Shari Institute of Photography’. It was an additional thing that helped me polish my skills.My learning will never end as every time I do a photoshoot, I learn something new and discover something that I did not know. This is what helps me become better.

IM: What inspires you the most?
Joshua: Anything and everything can inspire me. Having said that, I think that a camera is something that inspires me the most. When I see it in front of me, I feel the rush to do full justice to it. It is my method of communicating with people by telling them what is going on in my mind. I believe in the cliché that a picture is worth a thousand words. This also saves me the time to say a thousand words everyday!

IM: Do you have a favorite shoot that you worked on?
Joshua: A while back, I was working for a NGO called ‘We the People Foundation’ as a freelancer. I have done a few conceptual shoots for them, majorly on the sexual abuse of women in India. These shoots depicted how a woman is mistreated during festivals or when she wears short clothes. My work for this foundation holds a special corner since it was for a social cause and really elevated my skills.
Photoshoot by  Joshua Enochs for the "We the people Foundation".
IM: What got you interested in fashion photography?
Joshua: My liking for fashion photography started when I was working for Sahil Mane. To me, fashion is one’s own style. It shows how one individual’s style is followed and adapted globally. This is what I love about photography-One photo can change the world!

IM: Do you see yourself more of a technical or a creative photographer?
Joshua: Most of my freelance work has been more on the creative side. I have worked more on concepts and products which have been appreciated on social media platforms. I feel these bring out the best of me and hence I like to rack my brains on doing something new every time I hold the camera.

IM: If you could shoot at any location in the world, what place would you choose?
Joshua: I am yet to explore each and every corner of India since it has some beautiful places that I want to visit. I feel that once I’m entirely satisfied with our country I will think about going out of it. So for now, I want to go to Leh Ladakh to explore its beauty and express that in my photographs.

IM: You are still very young, where do you see yourself ten years from now?
Joshua: My aim is very simple- To be the most renowned photographer in the world. I want to be the man behind London and Paris Fashion Week where I will be working with the top models of the world. Well, that’s what every photographer dreams of ultimately!
Film actress Tanishaa Mukerji Photographed by Joshua Enochs.
Indian film actress Tanishaa Mukerji Photographed by Joshua Enochs.
Bollywood actress Tanishaa Mukerji Photographed by Joshua Enochs.
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