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Interview with South African Model Nathasha Mogorosi

By IM Staff  2/2/2016

Beautiful South African fashion model Nathasha Mogorosi
Gorgeous South African model Nathasha Mogorosi has been on the modeling scene for the
past 3 years. With a combination of beauty, brains and a hunger to make a difference in 2014 Nathasha became an ambassador for a South African football club where she worked to introduce more women to the mostly male dominated sport. She also works to educate and spread awareness about important issues among the people of Free State, South Africa. Nathasha Mogorosi
has been a part of various pageants in South Africa and was recently
in New Delhi to participate in an international pageant where she was voted to be an international peace ambassador.

IM: Can you tell us a bit about when you stated modeling and how you got into it?
Nathasha: To be honest I started modeling for the wrong reasons, I started to do modeling just to prove a point. Growing up wasn't a walk in the park for me, I was bullied and ironically enough
I got bullied because I was unusually tall for my age so it seemed like a joke to my schoolmates, they called me "toll-o" but it didn't bother me, because at that point I didn't see it as being bullied until I was called ugly, and I believed it and when you believe it, you really become ugly, I never dressed up or put up my hair neatly, I didn't care. Things had to change because I was growing up and started having crushes on boys so I started fixing myself up and saw that I am actually beautiful. I never got asked out for a date when I was in school and now tables have turned. My Love for pageants is something that developed unexpectedly, the meaning behind pageants is what I fell in love with.

IM: Your bio describes you as “Beauty with a purpose”, can you elaborate?
Nathasha: "Beauty with a purpose" is something that I had picked up from watching miss
world and it's one of the pageant that I am pushing to be part of, it might seem like a pipe dream to some but it's a dream that I believe in. My purpose as a beauty queen is making a difference especially to young girls in my community of Kimberley, Northern Cape. I am busy with an environmental project that involves the young people of South Africa. My country is currently facing a big environmental crisis of water shortage and high temperatures. 

IM: You where recently in India to participate in a pageant. What was the experience like?
Nathasha: The experience was "out of this world" India is a very beautiful place. We were staying in New Delhi. My favorite place that we went to was the Lotus Temple House of worship, it made me feel close to God and I even drowned an eye a little. New Delhi has a fast lifestyle the traffic was more than what I am use to. The women there are beautiful and everyone is deeply rooted to their culture which I admired a lot. I would definitely go back.

IM: What do you love the most about modeling?
Nathasha: Modeling gives one the opportunity to travel meet new people and that makes you develop as a person. I love how modeling has created a deeper meaning to save the world through pageants. I see modeling as an art that promotes innovation.

Gorgeous South African model Nathasha Mogorosi
IM: What have been the high points of your career so far?
Nathasha: The high point is definitely miss heritage international, it gave me the opportunity to work with remarkable people from all over the world, before Miss Heritage International I had never been out of South Africa.

IM: Describe your style, is there a piece of clothing of accessory that you can’t do without?
Nathasha: I don't have a specific style, I play around with what is offered but I prefer simplicity and elegance. The only accessory that I can't do without is my makeup, perfect eyebrows are important to me.

IM: Would you ever want to get into acting?
Nathasha: Acting is one of the things that I always took interest in, I haven't done a lot of acting projects but this year I am looking to expand as modeling goes hand in hand with acting as well.

IM: What do you love to do the most when you have time off?
Nathasha: I am one of those "shower singers" I love singing but not in public, I do have a good voice but when I am nervous my voice changes, it's really funny. I also love golfing I am not a professional golfer I am far from that I just love golf.

IM: Where would you like to see yourself five years from now?
Nathasha: Owning my own modeling agency so that I can develop young aspiring models. I am also an environmental management student so I see myself in the environmental field, solving environmental issues.

Beautiful South African model Nathasha Mogorosi
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