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Interview with Mumbai based actor and model Simarjeet Nagra

Interview with Actor and Model Simarjeet Nagra

By India Models  1/9/16

Model Simarjeet Nagra has worked in a number of TV and print ads
Simarjeet Nagra is an actor and a model based out Mumbai, India. Simarjeet a graduate in civil engineering moved to Mumbai a few years back to pursue his passion for acting and since has worked on a number of television commercials and has also walked the ramp for various prominent designers. Following is our interview with actor and model Simarjeet Nagra.

IM: When did you first decide that you wanted to become an actor?

Simarjeet Nagra: I had been interested in acting and modeling for quite a long time but I first wanted to finish my education and build a base for myself. I completed my studies first in civil engineering and then I went on to do MBA in construction management in pune. It was during my MBA course when I first walked the ramp and I received really positive feedback from everyone in the collage, I found this really motivating.
After completing my studies I worked for a year in a corporate company but there also people where always motivating me to follow my passion. At that point since I had completed my studies and gotten some work experience I decided to go for it and moved to Mumbai.

IM: And what has the experience been like so far?
Simarjeet Nagra: I have done quite a few TVCs, print ads and fashion shows but now my focus is mostly towards acting in movies or TV shows but I only want to do good roles and characters. In Bollywood Sikh characters are generally a stereotype. In the past I have been offered roles in movies and TV shows which I refused because I don’t want to play stereotypes.

IM: So the roles that you get offered are they meant specifically for a Sikh actor?
Simarjeet Nagra: Actually whenever they need a Sikh actor I never fit the role because they are generally looking for a comical actor so most of the work I have done was not specifically for a Sikh actor.

IM: If you could act in a remake of a popular Hindi movie, which movie and role would you pick?
Simarjeet Nagra: I would love to play something like Shah Rukh Khan’s role from Chak De! India.I really like Shah Rukh he is very energetic can do anything.
Sikh actor and model Simarjeet Nagra photoshoot for Indiamodels.org
IM: What’s the most memorable project that you have worked on?
Simarjeet Nagra: Every project that I have worked on is important for me but the first TVC I did was for ACP Whisky with Ajay Devgn. Everyone was really nice and I just loved being on the set.

IM: And is there a project that you have worked on that was a really bad experience?
Simarjeet Nagra: Yes, I had auditioned for a TV pilot and during the casting stage they told me that it was a very important character. The casting director kept insisting me to do it but when I landed up on the set it was really unprofessional, no one was serious. They had also lied to me about the role just to get me to agree. You know it’s just the worst when people make false commitments.

IM: What do you feel is the best thing about being an actor?
Simarjeet Nagra: I just like the fact that as an actor you can live many lives. During childhood everyone has constantly changing dream jobs someday you want to be a police officer and then on another day a doctor or a politician. In real life you can’t be everything but in reel life there are no limits.

IM: And is there something that you don’t like about being an actor?
Simarjeet Nagra: There is an image which the industry has which is pretty negative, there are all kinds of rumors out there. Many people say that you just can’t succeed without compromising, which I don’t believe to be true. There are a few people like that but they are spoiling the image of the whole Industry.
Sikh model Simarjeet Nagra has walked the ramp for many prominent designers
IM: How would you define your personal style?
Simarjeet Nagra: I believe in experimenting but the main thing is that you must be able to carry whatever you are wearing. So yeah I believe that you should always keep on experimenting with your clothes but within your limits and be comfortable in whatever you are wearing.

IM: And how do you stay fit?
Simarjeet Nagra: I have been a gym lover for a really long time. I work out for at least five days a week. I don’t eat any junk food and avoid any sugar and fat. Once in a while I will allow myself a cheat meal.

IM: What’s your favorite cheat meal?
Simarjeet Nagra: I love sweets and when it’s a cheat day I don’t believe in eating a single scoop of ice-cream, I will eat till I am completely satisfied. You know if you are cheating just as might do it properly.

IM: Do you have a piece of advice for someone who is just starting out as an actor?
Simarjeet Nagra:  I think that people should take their education seriously, finish your school and college before you join the industry. And you have to take acting seriously and be professional and don’t treat acting as a hobby or time pass. A lot of people think that acting is very easy but when you start you realize that there is a lot of competition and there are many really good actors working here. Training is very important, learn the craft and continuously try to improve yourself. I go for a lot of audition and at home I just keep a camera in front of me and rehearse monologues. I like to watch my rehearsal video and just look for what is working and what I have to change.
Sikh model and actor Simarjeet Nagra
Model Simarjeet Nagra photoshoot for Indiamodels.org
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