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Interview with Indian fashion model Kinjal Goyal

Interview With Mumbai Based Fashion Model Kinjal Goyal

 By India Models  18/11/2018
Interview: Black and white fashion photography featuring Mumbai based female model Kinjal Goyal in a formal suit
Modeling is sometimes an undiscovered and unknown way, it might be something that you have dreamed about and to your surprise you are destined to that route.

This is so true for Kinjal Goyal, she is a model and she knows how to nail it. Kinjal believes in uniqueness and the moment the camera turns on she is there to give that unique and perfect shot. Her styling secret is to go elegant yet comfortable. As per her beauty and fitness funda is totally different, she loves to have homemade food and uses home remedies for skin treatment.

Kinjal loves to work hard to be the perfect one out there and this could be something that could really motivate and inspire other people.

IM: Can you tell us a bit about what inspired you to become a model?
Kinjal: I have always been interested into modeling but I didn't know if I was capable
enough for modeling or not but I used to participate in every fashion show in my college so everyone used 
to cheer for me when I walk on stage and getting that feedback from people helped me a lot to believe in myself. That's how I got inspired to model.I started modelling professionally one year ago when I got selected for TIGI bed Head fashion show where Lubna Adam was directing the show. And that was the starting point of my career. 

What goes through you mind when you are in front of the camera?
Kinjal: As everyone says "Do what you love" so here as I am doing what I love and I never feel like I am working or I never feel tired being in front of camera. I always like to see something new I like to do something new in short, I don't like to repeat what I have done before, in anything whether it's shopping, modeling anything so, only one thought that runs in my mind in front of camera is that I have to give the best short which is something very unique.

IM: What’s the most fun thing about being a model?
Kinjal: Runways, because I feels like a queen when I walk on ramp.

IM: What would you say is the most difficult thing about modeling?
Kinjal: When you do something, you love then you don't find anything difficult because even if you feel so you find a way to make it easier.
Interview with Mumbai based Runway model Kinjal Goyal
Photograph by Demosh Rao
IM: Models that you look up to the most?
Kinjal: All the senior models I learn everything from all.

IM: Favourite designers?
Kinjal: Sabyasachi the most, then Manish Malhotra and Tarun Tahiliani.

IM: What’s dose your beauty and fitness regimen look like?
Kinjal: I don't follow any diet for being fit but yes, I just prefer eating home food which
makes me look so good and I use some home remedies for my skin.

Indian Fashion model Kinjal Goyal
IM: How would you best describe your personal style?
Kinjal: My personal style would be something which looks so elegant and comfortable
at the same time.

IM: What’s your favorite beauty product?
Kinjal: Highlighters

IM: Finally, what are your plans for the future?
Kinjal: I just want to work hard and want to become top model which inspires other girls who want to be a model.
Fashion Interview: Indian female model Kinjal Goyal
Indian Fashion Photography
Photographs by Kaifi Chouhan


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