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Meet Punjabi Hip Hop’s Stunning Prodigy, Rameet Kaur
By IM Staff  31/12/15

Punjabi Hip Hop artist and actress Rameet Kaur
Rameet Kaur is a singer, models and a trained actor. A raising name in the UK Punjabi Hip Hop scene Rameet has been performing since the age of 6 and has been having great few years. With Hit singles and powerful live performances she has been on a steady road to world domination.

IM: Hi Rameet, Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into music?
Rameet: I come from a very musical family background, my dad is a songwriter and my cha cha ji is the golden star Malkit Singh. I have always been inspired by his singing. I have been learning music from the age of 6 and performing at festivals and concerts alongside my brother Lord Munmeet in the UK. Then I went on and released my first ever album at the age of 11 with my brother, the album was called Dil Milde produced by well known Atul Sharma Ji and written by Shamasher Sandhu ji. With the Album we have toured all over India, UK and Canada. At the Age of 17 I signed my first ever record deal with Tiffin beats records. I released my song Peengh featuring Char Avel, followed by Kuriya and a track called Ghetto alongside Mumzy Stranger, Tasha Tah, Junai Kaden and Char Avell. With the success of my tracks I have been performing all over the world in front of thousands of people.

IM: You Single Kuriya has been a break through hit, how dose its success make you feel?
Rameet: When Kuriya hit number 1 on the iTunes charts I was so happy over the moon!
I was doing bhangra all night! I have worked very hard on this track and it feels great to be appreciated and receiving so much love and support from my fans! The track is produced by the talented Mumzy Stranger. I specially chose Mumzy to produce my track because I knew he was able to produce the exact sound I was looking for.

IM: what is it about the song that you think connected with the audience?
Rameet: Kuriya is all about the Girls. I wanted a female empowerment track that girls can  relate to. All the verses show how much power us females have actually got. I wrote the song in English and my dad translated in Punjabi. I knew exactly what type of lyrics I wanted to make this song a HIT! Not only the lyrics but the music for this song was also unbeatable.

IM: Are there any planes of putting out an EP or a full album anytime in the future?
Rameet: Just now I'm working hard on a project which I'm looking to release before my Punjabi film gets released in April. So you just have to wait and watch.

IM: How would you define your personal fashion style?
Rameet: My fashion style is very unique In the UK music scene. I go out of my way
to find something different which will make me stand out as an artist. But Yeah I would say its Young/Current/Funky and cool!!

IM: What’s the one thing in your closet that you can never do without?
Rameet: My jewellery! If you know you know! haha I can’t do without that!

IM: Is there an artist that you would absolutely love to collaborate with?
Rameet: Mika Singh and Honey Singh.

IM: What’s your favorite thing about being on stage?
Rameet: To see everyone singing my song! Best feeling ever!

IM: And what do you love the most about making music?
Rameet: I get to express my feelings with my music, can’t find a better way to do it. Also I love thinking of new ideas and being very creative, which you have to be to succeed this music scene!

IM: Finally! Who would win in a bare-knuckle fist fight between you and Taylor Swift?
Rameet: ME! HaHaHa! She is amazing though, one of my favorite artists.
Beutiful actress and singer Rameet Kaur
Beautiful Indian actress and singer Rameet Kaur
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