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Interview with international fashion model Perrie Kapernaros

Interview with Perrie Kapernaros International Fashion Model

By IM Staff  16/5/16

India Models interview with Australian model and actress perrie Kapernaros in Mumbai
Perrie Kapernaros is an international fashion model and actress currently in Mumbai, India. Perrie Started modelling in her late teens and in 2013 she was a finalist in Miss International Australia. Having modeled in Australia and Asia Perrie has gained some pretty extensive experience in the fashion world and has also acted in a couple of Australian TV series and a feature film. We recently had the opportunity to interview Perrie.

IM: Can you tell us a bit about how you started modeling? 

Perrie: I began modelling once I finished high school. I had a basic understanding of how the whole industry operated, everything I knew was from magazines and watching movies, but I never really thought of it as being something for me to do. I began working as a promotional model on weekends, handing out flyers and working at booths at conventions, when I was approached by a small agency to work with them. After many test shoots and lots of difficult jobs, I finally had a book that I felt was strong enough to show proper modelling agencies. I saw maybe 6 different agencies before one offered to take me on board. 

IM: Where you always interested in Fashion?

Perrie: I was never really enamored by the fashion industry; I think I was more drawn to it for its creative side. I still love the idea that a group of people come together to create a piece of artwork because after all, that’s all advertising is. It’s persuasive artwork. 

IM: And how did acting come along? 

Perrie: I’ve always been a very loud and extroverted person, and I think when I was younger my mother got so sick of me forcing her to sit down and watch my homemade performances that she enrolled me in theatre school. I absolutely loved being able to “play-dress ups” and pretend to be someone else. Now, I am very fortunate that I am able to do it for a living. As I got older, I continued studying acting wherever I could and was lucky enough to work on different TV shows and on feature films. I am beginning my masters of acting next year so I am really excited to be able to study what I love.

IM: Do you find that it’s a natural shift going from modeling to acting? 

Perrie: I believe that it is a common trait amongst models as we get the creative bug and seek more challenging and dynamic ways of creating art. As an added bonus, modelling helps you to become familiar with being in front of a camera and working on sets. Many models often believe that acting is similar to modelling and begin acting believing that they will naturally excel without any work. I believe that acting involves a completely different skill set, and I think the best way to become a better actor is to study and learn as much as you can.

IM: Do you ever get nervous before a shoot? 

Perrie: Of course, especially before a really important job. I have gotten less nervous over the years, but every now and again I get little butterflies in my tummy and I have to tell myself to calm down. It’s also important to remember that everyone on set wants you to be comfortable, and also that other models are just as nervous as you are. It can be easy to get caught up in the idea that every mistake you make is significant which definitely not the case is. I remember once I had an audition that I completely screwed up because I was so scared. I was fumbling with the scripts and shaking like a leaf, after I got in a taxi to go home, I cried with embarrassment. I realize now that there is nothing to be embarrassed about, the casting director doesn’t think any less of you for your nerves and no one is laughing at your mistakes. Just take a deep breath and go for it.

international model Perrie Kapernaros Fashion interview with IndiaModels.org

IM: How would you describe your personal style?

Perrie: I am very much a jeans and sneakers sort of girl. For castings and jobs, I always have a pair of high heels in my bag, however when I have my heels, book, makeup, and other bits and bobs, I use a big backpack so my back doesn’t get too sore from carrying everything. I wish I could learn to travel light but so far, I still feel the need to bring everything but the kitchen sink around with me.

IM: What’s your routine for staying in shape?

Perrie: I’ve always enjoyed running and since moving to India I have become a bit of a yoga bunny. I think the madness of modelling work and the general chaos of India means that you have to find your own way to find peace. I was never really a runner up until a few years ago. I started off with smaller distances and truly found it very boring. Now I run a lot and find that the pleasure is more in the mental games you play with yourself to keep going.

IM: What has been the most fun shoot that you have been a part of? 

Perrie: I worked on set for an Abof.com TVC my first week in India, and it has still been my favorite to date. The hours were very long, almost 17 hours, but the energy on set was electric and everyone was so happy to be there. We had superb catering including a pancake chef, and the TVC involved a lot of dancing so everyone was having a good time. I am a terrible dancer but still managed to bust a few moves with the help of the choreographer. I’m excited to see the finished product when it launches.

IM: You have been modeling across Australia and Asia, what’s has been your favorite city to work in?

Perrie: My favorite city to work in is probably Hong Kong. I went to high school there and my parents are still living there so it is my home, but I find that there is a great sense of community amongst the models there. Everyone looks out for one another and becomes like family. Also, the food is fantastic, although food in Mumbai is quickly becoming my absolute favorite.

IM: What do you thing are the most important qualities that a fashion model should possess?

Perrie: Patience. People tend to believe that photoshoots and castings happen quite quickly, but most of the time you will be sitting around waiting for something to happen. There’s a saying about the industry, which is “get ready to wait”. There will be times that you will be sleepy, hungry, or just plain fed up with how slowly things are moving along. Take a book to read or find something to distract you so you don’t get frustrated.

IM: If you could change one habit of fashion photographers, what would it be?

Perrie: It is always important for photographers to remember that models are people as well. Ask us if we need anything, if we are too hot or too cold, and what our experiences in modelling are. You never know, you might be getting frustrated with a model that isn’t performing very well to only find out it is her first shoot. Alternatively, you may be stumped with a photo not looking as you expected, so always ask the model for what they think could be a solution as they may know what to do. Photographers and models need to work together to get the best photo they can, and the only way to do this is through open communication.

IM: What advice would you give to someone who is planning to start modeling? 

Perrie: I always say that if you plan to get into modelling, make sure you are getting into it for the right reasons. I am personally in modelling so that I can experience new cultures and express my creativity. Establish why you want to work as a model and ensure that modelling doesn’t feed into unhealthy energy.

IM: Finally, what are your plans for the future? 

Perrie: I don’t really have any concrete plans for the future, other than completing my masters. I believe that who you are now and who you are in the future are two different people, and shaping your present decisions by your future expectations doesn’t always work out for the best. In other words, what makes you happy now might not make you happy 5 years from now.

Perrie Kapernaros Interview with international Fashion model
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