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Interview  with Mumbai based fashion photographer Kaifi Chouhan 

By India Models 8/11/17

Kaifi Chouhan is a popular fashion and commercial photographer based out of Mumbai, India
A good photographer is someone who clicks a beautiful, breathtaking picture and makes it awesome. But a great photographer is someone who can repeat the awesomeness over and over again. Consistency is what puts a photographer in the league of ‘great,’ and that’s what one can talk about the pictures clicked by photographer Kaifi Chouhan.
Fashion, celebrity and advertising photographer by profession, Kaifi Chouhan has a clear vision that helps him to achieve what he wants during the shoot. His vision is to capture the uniqueness by focusing on the concept and the character that he is shooting. Thus he ensures that each and every shoot is different from the last. Kaifi’s vision is the driving force behind every single photo shoot.
Kaifi loves the natural look and strength of a location and person, and that is one of the many qualities that set him apart from other fashion photographers. Keenly observant, Kaifi observes people and think of them as characters so that each person inspires him to do something different.
IM: Can you tell us a bit about what influenced you to get into photography and how you got your start in fashion?
Kaifi: I was a professional editor for years. Then I got a Canon 1200D and experimented on it for 2 months. I liked the results I got. Then I rented a camera and did a shoot for a female and a male model and they loved it. That was the starting point of my photography.
IM: What drives your creativity?
Kaifi: Each model/actor is different. I observe people and think of them as characters. So each person inspires me to do something different. They are the focus.

IM: How would you describe your style of photography?

Kaifi:  My style of photography depends on the people I am shooting. 
I focus on their natural look/strength.

IM: And how would you say your style has changed over the years?
Kaifi: My style has changed the last few months. I am more focused on the concept and the character I am shooting. I want each shoot to be different from the last.
IM: Your camera of choice?
Kaifi: Now I am using a Canon 5D.

IM: If you could shoot at any location; anywhere in the world, what place would you choose?

Kaifi:  Los Angeles and New York City because of its natural look. I love capturing the natural look of a city.

IM: Is there a popular personality whom you would like to photograph?

Kaifi:  Punjabi rapper Bohemia, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Kangana Ranult.
IM: Finally, any advice for someone who is just getting into photography?
Kaifi:  Photography is not a talent, it’s about a vision. The clearer the vision the better the pictures.


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