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India Models Interview with Hong Kong based fashion photographer Aanchal Wadhwani

Interview with Hong Kong based fashion Photographer Aanchal Wadhwani

By India Models 12/1/18

Self-portrait of fashion photographer Aanchal Wadhwani | India Models
Aanchal Wadhwani
Hong Kong based fashion photographer Aanchal Wadhwani got enamored by photography at the age of 16, while she was working on her jewelry line and bought her first camera at the age of 17. Specializing in fashion, beauty and commercial photography Aanchal runs a production house called Matryoshka Studios out of Hong Kong.

IM: How did you come up with the Idea for Matryoshka Studio?
Aanchal: I started out at the age of 16 when I began studying fashion design; which was the same time I started my jewelry brand 'Matryoshka'. During that time, I was exposed to Photoshop and it was love at first touch. I spent a lot of my free time mastering the software and began retouching images for professional photographers shortly after. 

I got myself a camera at the age of 17 and my first shoot was for my own jewelry brand. Eventually my work had been seen by brands, magazines and agencies which led to my career as a photographer. 

Over time as photography became more prominent in my life, my jewelry brand gradually turned into a production company and has now become 'Matryoshka Studio'.

IM: Can you tell us bit about the equipment that you use?
Aanchal: My studio has an extensive array of equipment from powerful strobe lights, a variety of stands, soft boxes, reflectors, grids, umbrellas, diffusers and of course I wouldn't be able to shoot anything without my Canon camera and lens!

Stunnig fashion photography by international photographer Aanchal Wadhwani | India Models
IM: Do you edit the photographs yourself?
Aanchal: I am quite picky about how my photographs look. As I play a big role in the concept development, I try to portray my ideas through photography and retouching combined. 

Initially when I started as a photographer I would retouch all the images on my own, however as my workload has increased, I have had to outsource my retouching to a few artists I truly trust aesthetically.

IM: One aspect of photography that you enjoy the most?
Aanchal: Definitely seeing the final outcome after so much preparation! I love the entire process of a photo shoot but looking at the completed images is so rewarding.

The greatest thing I've got from photography is to be able to have a job that I love so much I don't feel like I'm working! That's more valuable to me than anything. I guess that makes it two aspects of photography I enjoy.

IM: In your opinion what separates a good model from a great one?
Aanchal: There are a lot of good models who know their angles and can pose well. However, I enjoy working with models that bring their own ideas to the table! I always have a print out of the concept reference available and discuss it through with the model before the shoot. 

Though what really impresses me is when a model can take on a character and portray it through her body language and eyes. That to me is a great model!

Black and White portrait photography by Aanchal Wadhwani
IM: What's your indulgence?
Aanchal: Desserts! Particularly pudding. I have an incredible sweet tooth.

IM: A song that you can listen to on repeat?
Aanchal: My favorite song rotates every now and then. At the moment, the song I have on repeat is Usher's 'All Falls Down'.

IM: Favorite movie?
Aanchal: I'm not an avid movie watcher, but every now and then I like to watch movies that evoke thought. My favorite movie that I watched recently is the anime 'Perfect Blue'. 

Especially having a background in media and having experienced the acting industry first hand, it really hit me hard.
IM: Finally what are your plans for the future?
Aanchal: In the long run, I'd like to expand my production house to cater to companies globally!
Glamour photography by Aanchal Wadhwani
Concept fashion photography by Aanchal Wadhwani


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