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Beautiful Indian bride photography by Narendra Ballar for Indian bridal wear
Internation model in Indian ethnic wear Photography by Narendra Ballar | India Models

Interview with Fashion Photographer Narendra Ballar

By IM Staff

Indian fashion photographer Narendra Ballar
Photographer Narendra Ballar has been a part of the photography scene for a while and has created quite a resume for himself. Conveying a sense of exotic elegance his photographs often resemble vibrant classical paintings. We recently had the opportunity to talk with Narendra about the thought and vision that goes into making his Photographes.

IM: What influenced you to get into photography?
Narendra: The thought of capturing moments that will be gone forever, impossible to recreate. For me photography takes an instant out of time altering life by holding it still. My camera is a save button of my mind's eye. My love for art, and no art can be better then photography, it’s an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary situation. It has little to do with the thing you see but it’s everything to do with how you see them!

IM: What camera do you use for most of your shoots?
Narendra: When people ask me what photography equipment I us, I always tell them my eyes. Jokes apart
1. Hasselblad camera with Phase One digital back
2. Leica M240.

IM: Your photographs have these amazing vibrant colors, is that a conscious personal style?
Narendra: Colors can evoke very strong emotional reactions and can have a huge effect on our moods if used cleverly, it’s a brilliant way to really bring your photography to life and the use of these vibrant color can be anything, picking up bright clothes to pop-up colored  props, be it your model lipstick color or the background colors. And yes I love creating such wonders. 

IM: You have shot a lot of models in traditional Indian wear, how would you say it’s different from shooting models in western wear?
Narendra: I always believe beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates traditional and modern. I love both and being from India, the land where your traditions and culture defines you, my traditional wear pictures is just the outcome of my basic thumb rule which is "staying close to your roots".

IM: Do you have a favorite project that you worked on?
Narendra: Oh there are many, choosing one would be quite difficult, but as a Photographer you always have a style and you love your muse when they do justice to your style and then you capture a moment to gaze on, and I have been obliged to work with few wonderful names like Jacqueline Fernandez, Sushmita Sen and Shilpa Shetty Kundra among others. My camera and thought just love them! 
Beautiful female model photographed by Indian photographer Narendra Ballar
IM: What do you love the most about fashion photography?
Narendra: Fashion photography is like creating your own statement. Fashion photography has never existed in a vacuum. Photographers have continually pushed boundaries for fashion, and the tension between artistic and commercial demands has generated great creativity and technical innovation. Whether fashion shoots or advertisements, images reflect contemporary culture, world events and the dramatic shifts in women’s and men's roles throughout the 20th century.

IM: Natural light or artificial?
Narendra: Natural light always dose justice with my style and thought process, and I love experimenting with the natural light. But creating drama goes well equipped with artificial lights.

IM: If you could photograph any historical figure, who would you choose?
Narendra: Madhubala and Princess Daina.
Gorgeous model photograped by Narendra Ballar
Beautiful Indian model photographed by Narendra Ballar, Fashion Photography
Malaika Arora Khan in ethnic indian wear photographed by Narendra Ballar
Malaika Arora Khan in ethnic indian wear photographed by Narendra Ballar
Fashion shoot for indian ethnic wear by Narendra Ballar
Fashion advert for Indian ethnic wear, Photographed by Narendra Ballar
Beautiful actress Sushmita Sen photographed in Indian ethnic wear by Narendra Ballar
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