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Ish thakkar interview with Indiamodels.org

An Interview with Actor Ish Thakkar
By India Models  13/12/16

MTV Splitsvilla contestent Ish Thakkar
Ish Thakkar is an Indian actor, model, and a dubbing artist based out of Mumbai.
Known for his appearance on season 8 of the popular MTV reality TV series Splitsvilla, Ish is also a prominent dubbing artist, who has worked on a large number of movies and TV series.

IM: Can you tell us a bit about when you first got interested in acting and modeling?
Ish: After my graduation, I had moved to china to work for a trading company and after fourteen months, I just realized that this is not my thing. One of my uncles, Samay Thakkar has been working as an actor and a dubbing artist for the past thirteen years, so he guided me and when
I moved back to Mumbai, I started working as a dubbing artist and soon after SplitsVilla happened.

IM: How did SplitsVilla come along?
Ish: Sometime after I started working in dubbing, one of my friends had told me about the MTV Splitsvilla auditions, so I mailed them my details and photographs. Following which they send me a questionnaire with some forty questions and later was asked to come in for a personal Interview.

At that point I had no Idea what the Interview is going to be like. During the interview there were four people from the show, who asked me a bunch of questions and around a month later I got a call from them, telling me that I had been selected.

IM:  What was the experience like working on SplitsVilla?
Ish: To be honest, it was really good. I was living there for some eighteen day 24/7. They take all your stuff and you are completely cut off from the outside world. You are just there with the group and the crew member. I got along pretty well with everyone there, so it was a very unique and interesting experience.
Ish Thakkar was a contestant on the popular reality tv show MTV Splitsvilla
IM: And tell us a bit about your dubbing work, like what kind of projects do you do?
Ish: I mostly dub for the English versions of Bollywood movies and TV shows, I did Main Tera Hero and Badlapur for Varun Dhawan, I have dubbed for Shahid Kapoor, and quite a few more movies. Also have worked on a lot on TV Shows, currently I am dubbing for Balika Vadhu.

IM: While dubbing for the English version do you try to channel the actors you are dubbing for?
Ish: Well I don’t really try to imitate the actors, I feel that the most important thing is to get the emotions right. There is a lot of voice modulation required, like when the character is happy or sad. You also have to change your voice as per the age and nature of the character. I am twenty four years old, so if I have to dub for an older character, I need to change my voice to match that character and then there is animation where you have to play with your voice and experiment.  

I recently dubbed for a movie where the hero is differently abled and can’t talk properly. This was my most challenging project till date. While dubbing what I would do is to put Vicks under my tongue to get it right.  I was worth it; I got really positive feedback from the film-makers and the actor.

IM: In the future do you see yourself concentrating more on your dubbing work?
Ish: To be honest, I enjoy dubbing. When I am dubbing it just me, the mic, and the character and that is it. I really enjoy this but now I am getting more and more experience in front of the camera. Even this is interesting because you get to play different characters.

IM: What kind of characters are your favorite?
Ish: Intense and negative. There is a lot of scope while playing negative characters and its more fun.

IM: Are there any negative characters that you would like to play?
Ish: Well, there is no one specific character but sometime back I used to dub for this professor’s character for a TV Show. On the surface he seemed negative but his intentions where good, he wanted good thing for the students. I would love to play some complex roles like this. I also don’t want to get type casted and only do negative roles.
Ish Thakkar photographed by Guneet Singh
IM: What dose fashion mean to you?
Ish: Fashion for me is comfort. You should feel comfortable and confident. Most of the times, I prefer to be in my shorts and a T-shirt.

IM: How do you stay in shape?
Ish: I am not a gym freak. I just recently started to go to the gym but I do play football regularly.

IM:  Favorite cheat meal?
Ish: I love pizza, specially butter chicken and chicken tikka.

IM: And finally your favorite city?
Ish: Mumbai! Apart from the traveling part, I love everything about Mumbai. I was born and brought up here. When you have lived in a city like Mumbai for this long, you don’t want to move elsewhere. 
Ish thakkar dubbing artist interview
Interview with Indian actor and MTV Splitsvilla contestant Ish Thakkar
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