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Interview with hong Kong based model Suru Maria

Interview with runway and fashion model Suru Maria

By India Models  21/08/2019

Suru Maria fashion model Interview

Suru Maria is an acclaimed fashion model based out of Hong Kong. With her dazzling ramp walks and hypnotic photoshoots Suru had created a space for herself in the Hong Kong and Indian fashion scene.
Following is our interview with the stunning international model and beauty pageant winner Suru Maria.

How well is 2019 treating you so far?
Suru Maria: We are half way through 2019 and I’m already very thankful to it. The good and bad experiences I’ve encountered so far, helped me in every way inside and out. I never believed that negative experiences are important but I would say they definitely are. It hurts you for a while but if you take it positively, it makes you a better person. I would say sometimes criticism and rejection help you to reach the level where the appreciation will never take you.

What has been a standout moment in your career so far?
Suru Maria: No matter which brand I work for; I give my 200%. Honestly every time every modeling assignment I complete makes me feel,” yassss this one is the best. I have become better this time; nothing could be better for me than this.”  But just wait for my next shoot and I’m like ‘Nahh this one is the best” haha

In one sentence, how would you sum up yourself?
Suru Maria: I am a learner. I’m Learning from all the negatives and positives, very strong minded, determined, hardworking and loving.

What's your guilty pleasure.
Suru Maria: All the crushed ice drinks with whipped cream every now and then is a guilty pleasure for me.

Suru Maria Hong Kong fashion Model
How do stay inspired as a model?
Suru Maria: If I ever feel low, I look back how far I’ve come and it doubles up my energy.

How would you describe your personal style?
Suru Maria: Casual and classy at the same time.

Can you share some good workout options?
Suru Maria: Our fitness depends on our everyday activities, so apart from spending hours in the gym if we make some minor changes in our lifestyle, it takes us the long way. Running and walking are the best to lose weight. And don’t forget the squats to pop that booty.

What’s your best tip for models who are having a hard time committing to working out?
Suru Maria: As I earlier mentioned lifestyle change is important plus good diet is a total win win. And if you are doing all this in everyday life. I don’t think gym would be a necessity.
Fashion Photography featuing international fashion model Suru Maria

How do you prep for a photoshoot?
Suru Maria: My mind is forever ready but for my body I try to avoid salty food for a night before shoot to avoid any puffiness. I take good care of my skin by avoiding oily food and keeping my skin clean and hydrated.

When shooting, how you build relationships with the creative team or your fellow models?
Suru Maria: While shooting I give my best to the shoot.  I’m a type of person who like to enjoy every moment of life. So as being there laughing and talking to the team builds a good relationship, plus it internally satisfies me as well.

What amazes you about this industry?
Suru Maria: As I said I love to learn. The more I tried to learn, the more I found to discover in this industry. Which helped me to groom a lot physically and mentally.

Finally, any advice for aspiring models?
Suru Maria: This is just the beginning. If it seems hard, don’t give up sweetheart. There is a lot to come your way to make you smile. Appreciate both negatives and positives coming your way. Positive boost you up and negatives give you lessons and trust me, it helps you to be better and better.

Indian fashion model Suru Maria Interview
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