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Indiamodels.org interview with raising Indian film actress and model Aneesha Joshi

Exclusive Interview with Film Actress and Model Aneesha Joshi

By India Models  12/8/16

Aneesha Joshi is an Indian American film actress and model based out of Mumbai, India.
Aneesha Joshi is a model, actress and a trained Kuchipudi dancer currently based out of Mumbai. She has worked in a number of TVCs for brands such as Lakme, Parachute Hair oil and sunsilk. This year Aneesha made her feature film debut in the popular Hindi film Junooniyat and will soon be seen in an American dance movie titled Heartbeats.

IM: Can you tell us a bit about how your got interested in acting and when did you decide that you are going to be perusing it professionally?
Aneesha: I must say that my interest in acting has always been innate. I couldn't tell you a specific instance when I realized my passion for it, as it has always been there throughout. I was mesmerized by the movies, that feeling of normal humans appearing so much larger than life, and their ability to touch others emotionally. I knew that no matter what, I had to be involved in the magic. My family nurtured my interest in the arts throughout my childhood and teenage years. They kept me involved in school plays, dance classes, music lessons, etc. all while making sure I focused on my academics simultaneously. I was a dedicated student, and did not take the giant leap of faith into acting until I had earned my Bachelor's Degree from Boston University. Upon graduation, I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to give myself one year in a completely foreign industry to test the waters, and I began my journey.

IM: What do you love the most about acting in front of the camera?
Aneesha:  That is a difficult question, since the entire process of acting in front of a camera is thrilling to me. However, if I have to pick a specific aspect, it would have to be getting so immersed in the moment that you don't realize that the director has called cut.

IM: What has been the most memorial project that you have worked on so far?
Aneesha:  I have been lucky enough to do great work in the past year and a half of entering this industry. The most memorable project so far would have to be "Heartbeats"- a Hollywood dance movie directed by Duane Adler that I completed shoot for in February. Having the privilege to work alongside some incredible artists was a dream come true. I have to thank my producers Sriram Das, Andrea Chung, my director Duane Adler, choreographers Shampa Gopikrishna, and Tessandra Chavez, DP Ravi Varman, and incredible actors Krystal Ellsworth, Amitash Pradhan and Prabal Panjabi, for making the experience unforgettable.

Model and actress Aneesha Joshi talks to us about her love for acting and what fahion means to her

IM: Describe your personal style?
Aneesha:  My personal style honestly varies depending on my mood, and of course the weather. Lately, living in Mumbai, my style has veered towards comfort and efficiency. Most weekdays I spend with no makeup and gym clothes on. However, I am the quintessential girly girl, and do enjoy getting all dolled up in heels and dresses for dinners, events, and nights out with my friends.

IM: What one piece of accessory or clothing in your cupboard that you can’t do without?
Aneesha: Scarves. I love them. I believe the obsession began during my college days in Boston. If you talk a walk around the campus (especially during fall) you can't go ten steps without seeing a girl in a cute scarf! But here in Bombay I throw on lightweight scarves over almost any outfit. Gives it an ethnic feel too, which I love!

IM: What has been your most awkward fashion moment?
Aneesha:  Well, I am not entirely sure I have had an awkward fashion moment (yet!), but I will say this - never wear suede boots if you're walking about in Mumbai. Especially if you have somewhere important to be later!

IM: Who are the people in the fashion or film world that have influenced you the most?
Aneesha:  In terms of style, I have a lot of fashion icons. The greatest one of all has to be Princess Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. I am obsessed with her classic and beautiful style. Unfortunately, the weather doesn't permit that type of dressing here in Mumbai often, but given the option, I prefer cold weather fashion over shorts, tank tops and flip flops any day. Another great fashion and style icon for me is Emma Watson. I see her as the epitome of intelligence, grace, dignity and flair. I tell everyone how much I admire her.

IM: If you could play a character from any iconic Hindi film, what character would you pick?
Aneesha:  That is a very difficult question. Iconic characters are icons because of those actresses’ brilliant portrayals! I believe it’s always best to be true to oneself and respect and honor the work of others. Hopefully one day I will be lucky enough to be recognized for my own character portrayal in a film, and be called iconic!

IM: Finally, what can we look forward to seeing from you in the coming future?
Aneesha:  I am very happy to say that there are very exciting projects coming up in the near future for me. Once I am liberty to discuss them, I will be sure to share! Until then do stay tuned and keep supporting. I cannot thank my supporters enough. They are my backbone. And thank you very much for taking the time to get to know me better, I had a blast!

Indian model Aneesha Joshi made her feature film debut in the 2016 Hindi film Junooniyat along side Yami Gautam and Pulkit Samrat
Aneesha Joshi Indian film actress and model
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