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Our Interview with International Model Milica Djordjevic
By IM Staff  3/3/16

Interview with the gorgeous international model Milica Djordjevic
Milica Djordjevic is a Serbian fashion model and musician currently based out of Mumbai, India. Gorgeous Milica made her modeling debut by participating in the Serbian Top Model in 2011 and since has been busy doing some truly great work as a model both on the ramp and in front of the camera. Now in India she has been focused on her music. We recently got the opportunity to speak with Milica about her love for modeling and music.

IM: Can you tell us a bit about how you got in to modeling?
Milica: My sister applied my portfolio for show the "Serbian Top Model'' and I ended up getting the 3rd position. So then I started thinking about traveling as model. I first came to India two years ago and I fell in love with this country and amazing people that I've meet.

IM: what was the hardest thing about being a model when you where starting out?
Milica: I can't say that it was hard for me on the beginning, but now it is a little bit. Distance from family and friends, especially when you need their support when something important happens.

IM: How would you describe your personal style?
Milica: It's between hippie, tom boy and street style (homeless) I have some weird style that somehow is working. I love mixing clothes.
Milica Djordevic gorgeous Mumbai based international fashion model
IM: What do you like the most about being a model?
Milica: Definitely traveling, meeting people from around the world, working with amazing artist.

IM: How do you prepare yourself for a show or a shoot?
Milica: I take care that my body, nails, and hair are nice and clean. If I have a show I bring with me my big bag with all my little things for a long day.

IM: How has the experience of working in Indian been so far?
Milica: It's good! Of course it's the same everywhere in the world. For some people is good, for some is not. Everything depends on how you spend your time in other countries and with whom. I am lucky to have met amazing people in India.

IM: And is there a piece of advice you would give to foreign models planning of coming to India?
Milica: Don't judge before you meet this place and people. India is amazing, and there is something for everyone. Enjoy India as much as you can; you will miss it when you leave.
Serbian fashion model Milica Djordjevic in Indian ethnic wear
beatiful model Milica Djordjevic in Indian etnic wear
IM: You have also been experimenting with music, can you tell us a bit about your style of music and how it’s been going so far?
Milica: I discover Coke studio two years ago and I fell in love with that music, so now I'm back to do music here. I actually don't think there is better place to do that. Now I'm meeting a lot of people from the music industry and starting my own style. It's a mixture of blues, soul and jazz. It's different.

IM: Who are the musicians that have influenced you the most?
Milica: Amy Whinehouse, Whitney Houston, Etta James, India Aire, Akua Naru, Michael Jackson and so on...

IM: A movie that you can watch anytime?
Milica: Lord of the Rings 123, Star Wars, Avatar... I can't choose one :)

IM: What’s your favorite place to travel to?
Milica: I still didn't travel the whole world... 
Milica Djordevic beautiful nternational model based in Mumbai
Milica Djordjevic beautiful female model Mumbai,India
City: Mumbai

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