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Types of Modeling Jobs in India 

By Hirva Shukla 10/4/19

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One of the craziest fields in today’s time is for sure modeling. It is really amazing to think of a career, where one is paid a handsome amount of income to be beautiful, presentable and yourself. Currently in India there are major modeling industries in cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Chandigarh.

Modeling in India is considered as one field, but under this title modeling includes many of the sub-titles. These are the different types of modeling categories and one can choose between the different types as per their expertise. Each type of modeling sub-titles has its own uniqueness, where every individual can fall into their respective suited and personality type.

Let’s have a look on different types of modeling sub-titles modeling job:

Editorial  Model

This is when models regularly appear in fashion and entertainment magazines. Editorial work is generally for top models or models working with established agencies. This Type of modeling job is for the models who wish to come up in magazines and would be working for top level fashion designers and photographers.  This type of modeling is also known as fashion models. In this type generally models are 5’6” to 6’0” tall and very slim. A female editorial model’s measurements are usually – bust 33”, waist 23”, hips 33”.

Runway Modeling

As the name suggests, this type of modeling job is for ramp walk model. A runway model’s job is to walk the ramp wearing clothes for the designers. Here the most important thing is to have ideal body measurement, as their designer will not specifically make clothes according to a model's body fit. Thus, this kind of job demands standard body measure that is 34” – 23” – 34” and height starting from 5’6. This is where a model has to create their body type according to client requirement to get into.

Apart from the right body type models also have to carry them self the right way while on the catwalk. Attitude is what separates one model from the next. 


Commercial modeling work is related to TV commercials and print campaigns. This type of modeling job dose not requires models to have a specific height, body type or age as this will vary from project to project. That’s really awesome.  Basically, commercial modelling jobs has to do with ads for brands whose products would include food, clothes, electronics, household goods, etc. These types of jobs are super exciting as it has different flavors to choose upon. Models working in TV commercials are also required to have acting skills. 

Catalogue Modeling Job 

This type of modeling job triggers shoppers. When a shopper is going through a catalogue of brand, the model is the one who communicates with the buyer and the models have to be convincing in catalogue of that concerned brand. Hence, this type of modeling job demands the convincing attitude of the model. Now a day's catalogue modeling has also been developed on digital medium, such as models who appear on online shopping sites.

Promotional Jobs 

This type of modeling job hires models to represent brand, service or product. Here a model has to directly interact with consumers. In this type a model is booked for trade shows, live event and conventions. Hence, here the job demands a model’s good communications skills apart from the appearance.

Body parts Modeling 

In this type of modeling jobs, models specialize in modeling body part such as hands, feet, legs and eyes. Here, clients also look for well-proportioned body type. E.g. A hand modeling job is where a model is book for jewelry, nail, and beauty related products. Foot model can book job with any shoe company, nail and beauty products.

Glamor Modeling

Here, the models play a different role, wherein swimsuit modeling, lingerie modeling and other sexually or alluring type of modeling is included. Glamour model jobs refer to type of posing the model is doing in her photographs. Generally curvier models are preferred.  In this type, female models work majorly for male audience rather than female. Glamour modeling job are also for magazines. 


Usually, TV commercials where advertisement of product last between 15 and 30 minutes. This is called long-foam advertising. Infomercial modeling job is where a model has to host, promote or give testimonials for commercials to inform about concerned brands. Sometimes they might be required to just wear or hold the product being advertised.

Music Video Modeling

Becoming a music video model can be tough as there is huge competition for few roles. The music video models must have toned and shaped body. Here, the appearance is also a major thing. Also, it will include dancing with obvious reasons. But this type also can be glamorous and exciting

Over the above types of list modeling is the ocean where the different types of rivers merge and make the ocean “Modeling” huge.

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