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Tips for models to succeed in a modelling industry

By Rinku S More 9/06/2020

So, you want to become a supermodel, but don’t know what it takes to get success in this industry? Then keep reading because this post is exclusively for you. Gone are the days of scarce information, thanks to the internet era we live in, where we can get insights of glittering fashion world by just one click. So, what exactly it takes to be next Kendal Jenner or Gigi Hadid? Do you need to have great looks or the confidence to represent yourself better than the rest? The answer is simple! Confidence is the key along with perseverance, discipline, and strategy. Check out following tips which are important to succeed in this industry:

Take care of your looks: 

This is the first and foremost thing that every aspiring model should consider. Start taking care of your body, skin, and hair and don’t forget to make a routine that involves healthy diet and exercise according to your fitness goals. Experts in this industry can spot the smokers even from the distance because smoking can really affect your skin health. So, cut off those elements from your life which may harm your appearance and health.

Building up your modeling portfolio: 

This is the most essential and must have part, if you dream to be a model. Make an impressive portfolio, enlisting all your strong points along with your outstanding photographs of standard quality. Remember that your portfolio is the key to open the doors of modeling industry, so make it sure that your portfolio stands out from the rest of the crowd. Keep ready your online portfolio along with the printed version, and keep on updating it regularly.


Hunt for the right agency: 

This might seem a daunting task, but you must sign with a modeling agency that’ll represent you in this glamorous field actively. This is why you need to have a killer portfolio to bag the right modeling agency. Do your research before sending out snapshots/digitals for submission. Check carefully what the submission guidelines are, and stick to it. Make sure that your photographs are clicked by the professionals, and wear light makeup to reveal your facial features and hair in its natural form. Keep it simple but impressive.

Make up your mind to deal with rejections: 

There will be multiple rejections, but learn dealing with it. Be unbreakable, and never forget that this wasn’t the last opportunity in your life. Make yourself stronger and better in every aspect. Learn from the previous mistakes, work upon it, and face the challenges confidently. Compete with yourself and commit yourself making better version of you.

Pay special attention to your body language: 

What makes models look better than the rest? It’s all in their attitude, the way they stand and the way they pose. Watch modeling related shows and videos on YouTube, and practice how they walk on the stage, study how they pose for the pictures, and analyze how facial expressions make difference in every click. Never forget that the eyes are the most beautiful part of the body, and so acquire techniques to express yourself better through the eyes and your facial expressions.

Be careful and don’t fall for the scams: 

As sparkling as this modeling industry may seem, never forget that it’s also filled with darkness. Be professional while dealing with people, and always keep your safety and your emotional well being at the top of your priority list. Don’t fall for the fake calls or modeling contest/photo shoots that promises lucrative deals in exchange of money. Talk to your family and friends and share what’s happening in your life or what opportunity has been offered to you. Having such strong support system will always help you thrive in this vulnerable profession.

Focus on building a great social media profile 

Are you active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? Great! Now it’s time to pay a real-time attention to extend your fan base and expanding your network. Facebook might be the old player in this game but don’t underestimate its power to reach millions. Make separate accounts for your personal and professional lives, so as not to mix them up. Instagram is undoubtedly the game changer, so you need to make your ‘Insta-game’ strong. Twitter is where you can showcase your personal take on the happenings in modeling world whereas LinkedIn will help you connect with agencies, photographers, makeup artists, and stylist. Regular updates and quality posts can earn you a loyal fan base, which would definitely help you hunting the modeling agency.

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