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Select the Right Modelling agency

How to find and select the right modelling agency.

By Guneet Singh 10/12/21

Whether you are a new face or an established model chances are that at some point you will consider joining a modelling agency. Though in India there are a lot of successful freelance models it is still close to impossible to regularly work with high fashion brands without being signed with a reputed agency.

Selecting the right modelling agency to work with is one of the most important decisions for any professional model. Even if an agency is reputed it does not mean that they will be able to find quality projects for you. There for you have to consider various factors to figure out what agency is a fit for you.

1. Create a shortlist of agencies

The first step is to create a list of potential agencies that you would like to be a part of. These can be agencies that either have a name in the industry or agencies that you have heard off through your friends or contacts. If you know people who are industry professionals, ask them for recommendations. Try to find agencies that are best suited for you. Different agencies look for and prioritize different kinds of models. For example, if you want to get casted for music videos it will not be help full to you to get signed with an agency that only works in the editorial space. Look through our list of different categories of modelling jobs and identify which category you want to focus on and then look for agencies that specialize in that category.

2. Run a background check.

The second step is to run a basic background check. Look at the location of the agency and the size. How many people work for the agency and who are the other models represented by them. The most important factor to look for is how much work models represented by an agency are getting and more importantly what kind of brands and projects are they working on. An agency or a model might have a lot of great photos on their social media page but there is also a possibility that these pics are just from test shoots and not paid projects. Apart from this just run a basic search to see if there are any controversies or scams associated with the agency. After this you should have a clear idea of which agencies are right for you.

3. Get your portfolio ready and apply.

Once you have created a shortlist of potential agencies the next step is to get all your material ready. Different agencies have different process and requirement of application. Make sure you go though there website carefully and follow their specific requirements.

Most agencies will ask for polaroids. Make sure that you are submitting polaroids with right angles and clothes. Along with your polaroids  you can also submit your headshots, acting resume and a demo reel and a cover letter. Most top agencies will get dozens of submissions each day so if you don't get a response first, you can send the application again in a couple of weeks but make sure not to spam them. If you have contacts associated with agency you can also ask them to recommend you.

If you do not get a good response, the next step is to figure out what's not working. shoot new polaroids and rework you submitted content. A lot of times

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