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Interview with Paris based Indian fashion model Priya Sharma
Priya Sharma is a runway and editorial model based out of Paris, France. Originally from Jaipur Priya had done a little bit of modelling in India before moving to France
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Interview with Mumbai based model and blogger Sagar Kava
Sagar Kava is a freelance model and a fashion blogger based out of Mumbai, India.
After getting a taste of modelling in his college days where he won the first runner up title in the collage fashion pageant, Sagar decided to go pro and since had regularly booked modelling gigs including a number of print campaigns.
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Interview with Mumbai Based Model Richa Jha Who Hails from Madhubani, Bihar
Richa Jha is an Indian model based in Mumbai, India. She was just 12 when she dabbled in modeling, participating in school fashion events piqued her interest in the fashion industry.
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Interview with runway and fashion model Suru Maria
Suru Maria is an acclaimed fashion model based out of Hong Kong. With her dazzling ramp walks and hypnotic photoshoots Suru Maria had created a space for herself in the Hong Kong and Indian fashion scene.
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Interview with International fashion model Iryana Oborina
Iryana Oborina is an International fashion model currently in New Delhi, India. Iryana was scouted by a prominent agency in Ukraine and since has been travelling around the world modelling for top brands and magazines...
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Things models should know
4 Things Every Aspiring Model Should Know to Steer Clear of Trouble
Aspiring models are people too; they may end up making mistakes that may put them in trouble. As there is an abundance of modeling advice on the internet. It may get confusing for aspiring models to find reliable information.....
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Monica Rahman

Types of Modeling Jobs in India
Modeling in India is considered as one field, but under this title modeling includes many of the sub-titles. These are the different types of modeling categories and one can choose between the different types as per their expertise. Each type of modeling sub-titles has its own uniqueness, where every individual can fall into their respective suited and personality type.
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Hira Ashar Model
Parul Bindal model

Interview With Mumbai Based Fashion Model Kinjal Goyal
Mumbai based model Kinjal Goyel  believes in uniqueness and the moment the camera turns on she is there to give that unique and perfect shot.
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Interview With Mumbai Based Model And Actress Simran Gupta
Modeling seems easy, as for audience it’s just to be presentable, but it’s not at all the case, it is really difficult and requires lots of hard work. A person with dedication and motivation can make their way to modeling. Simran Gupta is the one, who is living her childhood dream of being a model and an actress.
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Model Varsha Das
Indian Fashion model Iterview Anisha Sahai
Interview with Indian model Anisha Sahai
Anisha Sahai is an Indian fashion model who started out working as an engineer. Not satisfied by the 9 to 5 lifestyle the unquestionable beauty took the decision to follow her lifelong passion of becoming a model.
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Maialen Langaran International fashion model

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